15 Habits to Supercharge your Field Coaching Days (Part II: Habits 6-10)

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Welcome back!  If you thought Moe (our family’s English Bulldog, first introduced in this video) didn’t care for going outside, just image how thrilled he is when it’s time to take a bath.  That’s him in the tub pictured above.  Not amused.

This week we pick up our discussion of 15 habits that can supercharge pharmaceutical sales field coaching days at #6.

As a reminder, these practical habits come directly from some of the best pharmaceutical district managers I know, taken right from the field and delivered in this post.  Some of my thoughts are sprinkled in as well.

If you’d like a refresh of habits 1-5, simply click here to check out last week’s post.

Let’s get right to it.  My hope is that you’ll find just ONE habit from this list that will inspire an adjustment to your approach and help you create a wildly successful team.

  1. Get up early with purpose
  2. Morning workouts
  3. New meeting spot
  4. Wipe the slate clean
  5. Tailor the day

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While this one seems obvious, I think we can all check our ego at the door and admit to times when we’ve arrived for a ride day less than optimally prepared.

A DM from New York pointed out to me that his habit of reviewing at least the last 2-3 field coaching reports, and even scanning through recent e-mail communications, has helped him stay focused on his team’s needs and create true progress / continuity in his travel days.

What caught me on this one was the word “review.”

We all have a system that captures ride along information – and we might even LOOK at it – but are we really reviewing it and carrying actions forward?

I can do better on this one.

PS:  a cool new technology built for pharmaceutical DMs to capture, track and measure their field coaching interactions recently hit he market.  Slick iPad app with an awesome visual interface and loads of useful tools – check it out here if you geek out on that stuff!

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This is another core habit that can easily slip away in the craziness of day-to-day life but was mentioned by several excellent DMs.

Imagine just how supercharged a field ride can be if you’re working together with your team, getting things done and achieving real goals!

This a great place to get creative because you can develop fun, interesting and useful goals in the most difficult part of any territory – but, you have to develop the habit of DOING IT.

A DM in Connecticut put it this way,

“Having a common goal that you are working on together alongside the rep you’re working with tends to make the days more productive and fun.”

That’s the idea, right?

Habit 8 header

This habit comes from a DM in New Hampshire and could easily apply to life in general but is an excellent reminder for field coaching days.

“I was driving 75 MPH down Interstate 89 just wanting to get home.  At some point my attention was drawn to the right and the beautiful, snow-capped Green Mountains.  I had driven on this stretch of road dozens of times but had never really taken note of the beauty that was around me.  This is when the thought came over me:  ‘Am I asking my team to drive 75 MPH? And what are they missing because of it?’”

He has since created the habit of carving time out of EVERY FIELD RIDE, at least 60 minutes, to slow down and simply focus on what is important to the person he’s working with.

Literally anything.  Period.

He calls it “Coffee with the Coach.”

Make mine a Venti, please 🙂

Habit 9 header

This one comes from me and stems from a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago that you can check out here.

The bottom line for me is this:  when I spend my commute listening to and learning from motivational content I am ALWAYS in a great mood and ready to have an awesome field ride.

My creativity level rises and I’m engaged in the coaching process more than ever.  So, I’ve developed the habit of turning off the sports radio (…tough during football season, not going to lie) and listening to a podcast or audio book playlist that supercharges my day.

Click here to download an overview of what I’m listening to right now.

Habit 10 header

This habit from a DM in New Jersey punched me right in the gut because I have BAD habits here.   Here is how she describes her habit of handling the phone during a field coaching day:

“I set times throughout the day to make phone calls to the team either in the morning or afternoon and also set up time in the day to check emails or text messages.  I make the team or representative aware of those times.”

This process of chunking or scheduling time with the phone for communication is so powerful and can help increase engagement and energy.

I’m guilty of snagging my phone between sales calls and firing off a message or two – and in those moments I am not present.

Not fair.

Our teams deserve our attention on field rides and the habit of scheduling time with our phones can help that big time!

So there you have it – 5 more field-tested habits from district managers out there who are making it happen each day.

Any of these smack you around the way #10 did for me personally?  Have you given thought to putting any of habits 1-5 into practice?  Have any other habits you’d contribute to the list?

If so – please let me know in the comments section.  I’m eager to learn from you.

Until next week,


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