Dave Noonan

I’m Dave Noonan – a husband, father and sales guy living the View More: http://mileskuperusphotography.pass.us/daveheadshots
dream in New Jersey.  My day job has me collaborating with life sciences organizations to develop world class sales training programs and my passion for leadership in this industry has led to the creation of this site:  Sales Leader Gear.
I’m on a mission to get better and share what I know with others to help us all BUILD:

  • Powerful Teams
  • Creative Minds
  • Inspired Lives

When I’m not working with a sales team or training crew, I’m busy at home in my other leadership roles as husband, father and coach.  These “jobs” mean the world to me and I hope to bring them to light here on Sales Leader Gear, too.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your time with me – it means a lot.  Please stick around, share your thoughts and let’s get better together.


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