Goal Setting: FREE 90-Minute Workshop for Field Sales

It’s hard to believe but the first quarter of 2015 will officially be in the books later this week.

Time is truly cranking along, as it has a tendency to do. 🙂

As field sales leaders, this is a common time of year to connect with our teams and reflect on sales performance year-to-date, discuss strategic adjustments for Q-2 and determine progress on bigger picture goals for 2015.

With those bigger picture goals in mind, I wanted to share a short, FREE 90-Minute Goal Setting Workshop that I worked through with the folks on my team late last year.  We did it with a full 2015 in mind, but now might be the perfect time to work through it with your team to create goals for the remainder of the year (especially if you haven’t done something similar already.)  No better time than the present!  There are a ton of excellent, effective goal setting workshops/worksheets out there – put together by much smarter folks than me, I might add – but the results and feedback from this short program have been quite good.

The concept is very simple and I think that’s what makes it work:  take a current inventory of these 3 core elements and then be disciplined to only set goals which are aligned with all 3.  That’s the deal.

Three Elements Diagram

The 3 Core Elements of goal setting success.


The FREE 90-Minute Goal Setting Workshop allows the representative to take inventory of these 3 core elements at home and then works with you as the sales leader and coach to nail down goals that line up…all in just a total of 90 minutes.

Here are the highlights:

 Distribute the Goal Setting Workshop PDF (available free below) to individuals your team at least 1-2 weeks in advance of your next field visit with them individually.

30 minutes of pre-work for sales representatives to walk through before their field visit with you.  Primarily just a few pages of questions to answer and reflect on.

60 minutes of scheduled time together during a field visit to walk through the questions, set clear goals for the future and discuss key action steps.

 Goal Overview Worksheet included

Goal Action Steps Worksheet included

Just enter your name and e-mail below for a link to download the FREE 90-Minute Goal Setting Workshop PDF which walks you through the process.  Good luck and please stop back and share your feedback – would love to hear what your experience is and how it can be made even better!

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Goal Setting Workshop 2

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