In 2016 STOPPING might be your best START


I love this week leading up to a new year.

Lots of family time, an opportunity to reflect on another year in the books and a chance to map out a fresh start.

A real emphasis on personal leadership.  Deep. 🙂

If you’re anything like me, this process always ends up with lots of things to START doing.

  • Start working out X days a week
  • Start reading more
  • Start that thing I’ve been putting off

This is important because there are ALWAYS worthwhile actions to start implementing in a new year to achieve more.  My plan for 2016 has plenty of “starts” that I’m pretty pumped up about.

But what about STOPPING?

Think about it.

You know you just got a present (or a bunch of presents…) over the Holidays and went to put it in that drawer, closet or garage only to say to yourself – “where the heck am I supposed to put this?!”

You end up with two choices that have vastly different outcomes:

  1. Cram it in so that it (or the other stuff in there) never gets used or
  2. Throw some crap out so you can focus on what you’ll actually use

This idea plays itself out in our goal setting efforts too… and it’s time to throw stuff out.

Time to STOP.

I just went through this really enlightening online tool developed by Michael Hyatt that allows you to map out all 365 days of your year out against a revenue goal to see not only where your STARTS fit…but where you need to STOP doing less important things.

My report?

Once I punched all my actions in, the tool said that I needed an extra 35 days in 2016 to accomplish my goals.  Yikes.

I have some work to do around STOPPING some less important things for the New Year to make sure I focus on the stuff that matters most.

How about you?

As you embark on your own goal setting journey for 2016, or reflect on those goals you’ve already set, think long and hard about what you need to STOP to make it all work.

Best wishes for a truly remarkable 2016,


PS:  If you’re still looking for a proven plan for setting strong goals in 2016, my buddy John Crowley is launching 7 Steps to Master Your Destiny today – a step-by-step guide to help define and achieve your biggest goals…check it out!



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