Leadership & Learning INTERVIEW Series: Episode 01

Audio insights from Tom Ori on the intersection of Leadership and Learning

In a departure from the written blog format, today’s value bombs will be dropped via audio in an interview with Tom Ori, the owner of Next Level Performance.

In less than 15 minutes, we cover:

  • WatchA great quote on the interplay of leadership and learning
  • The ideal role a sales leader can play in the ongoing training of their team
  • (GULP…)  Role playing – does it work?  If so, insight into the best way to approach.
  • An immediately actionable facilitation / presentation tip
  • A learning tool / technology / resource Tom’s really fired up about
  • A book recommendation for leaders on the topic of learning
  • AND – a bonus question you’ll want to ask yourself!

Sound good?

Just jump in the car, grab your travel mug of java and PRESS PLAY on the small button below!  The “show notes” are complied below for use later…


After listening, I’d be grateful to hear what you think in the comments section!

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Quote:  “Diagnosis and treatment without assessment is malpractice”

Next Level Performance Website:  nextlevelperformance.com

Check out the Leadership Check-Up

Tom’s article from LinkedIn about Leadership Check-Up

Worthwhile book on learning to check out:  The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning:  How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results

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