The #1 Thing Sales Leaders Need to CRUSH Their Goals

Two weeks into 2016, it’s safe to assume that most pharmaceutical sales leaders have a stack of goals on their desk a mile high:

  • Personal goals
  • Sales Goals
  • Professional development goals
  • Goals for the National Meeting
  • Coaching goals for each person on the team
  • Goals for the goals…

With so much to accomplish, you might even be one of those super organized leaders with a plan in place to attack these goals. Maybe even a fancy spreadsheet with tactics and timelines.

And that’s important.

But the one thing that every sales leader needs to ultimately crush their goals in 2016 is this:



The worst looking PowerPoint deck, outlining the least strategic plan ever, can destroy a 20MB masterpiece if the actions are applied consistently.

Consistently once the buzz has worn off.

Consistently when urgent matters are thrown on your plate.

Consistently when you don’t really feel like it.

John Lee Dumas, on his Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, regularly shares his F.O.C.U.S acronym as a key driver to the success of most entreprenuers that he interviews:

Follow One Course Until Success


These crazy, passionate and successful business people have the capacity to do the work on a focused plan long after others have quit.


While there is no magic formula for generating consistency in driving toward a goal, here are 4 ways you can increase your chances:

  1. Nail down your WHY: Making sure that your goals, and the plans built around them, are grounded in a strong WHY is critical. Why is the goal important? How will it benefit you, your team, others? Why – not What – keeps you going.
  1. Less is more: It can feel good to load up a plan with tons of cool action steps and tactics but the reality is: less is more. Instead of blowing up a document with lots of stuff, pick just 1 or 2 items and focus on execution.
  1. Block the time: Use your calendar to block time off for the execution of your plan well in advance. Create a recurring event, with a reminder feature, that will keep the action in front of you and make it a priority well into the future.
  1. Partner up: Find someone close to you and ask them to keep you accountable. If they know what you’ve committed to and are willing to call you out – bring it on. Massive goals and plans are never accomplished alone.

At the end of 2016, it will be the sales leaders who stayed consistent to their process and plans who hit their goals. The ones who SHOW UP.

Will you be one of them?

Take a moment and share your thoughts in the comments section. How have you developed consistency over the years? Anything work really well for you?

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